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Windstar Cruises

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WindStar cruisesImagine sitting on the ship deck at sunset, sweet music filling the air, holding the hand of your significant other and admiring the backdrop of a castle silhouetted by the deepening hues of the sky.  I know, it sounds too good to be true – like something straight out of a movie.  But we’ve been pleased time and time again by the relaxing, romantic atmosphere that Windstar is so known for.  You’ll share the ship with couples between 30 and 60 and even a handful of honeymooners.  There are few kids to be seen and lots of opportunity for romantic moments with your SO.

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What sets Windstar Cruises apart?

Windstar does a great job of incorporating sailing elements into its luxurious atmosphere.  Because its sailing ships are smaller than those of the larger luxury lines, WindStar manages to give you incredible personal service.  You’ll get a refined and high-caliber experience with a little less formality than other lines, all while enjoying a traditional nautical ambiance on the seven seas.

Though dining is casual, there is plenty of room for romance, with many tables for two in any of two or three restaurants onboard.  The cuisine is nothing short of delectable, providing exciting twists to classic dishes though the menu is fairly straightforward.  They also provide fine wines and cheeses from around the world. 

There are many incredible moments like the one we’ve described: dining under the stars, for instance.  During the day, you can go to the spa, read a novel in the lounge – or you can kick it up a notch. It’s important to note that Windstar emphasizes days in port, but when anchored, they truly let you take advantage of the water around you! Go out in the kayaks, go water skiing, or jump off the marina. In port, Windstar provides unusually creative excursions and has proven knowledge of their destinations.  Have fun and make memories!

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