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Un-Cruise Adventures

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UnCruise Alaska WhalesKayak through a Hawaiian lava hole, call off bears in the Alaskan wilderness, watch a pod of humpback whales mere feet from your ship – these are all things you could do on an Un-Cruise adventure.

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What sets Un-Cruise apart?

Un-Cruise, formerly American Safari Cruises, is just like it sounds.  It’s not your typical expedition.  It’s small and intimate, and while on many other cruises you may get to see a lot from the ship, here you’ll plunge headfirst into the culture and the wildlife that surrounds you.  The staff has many years of experience regardless of which destination you choose, and they’ll give you a knowledgeable and authentic look into your destination.  Even in the field, you’ll get park rangers or other experts that’ll simply hop on for the ride.  They’ll give you safety tips (i.e. how to call off bears, because let’s face it, we all love our limbs) or point out different wildlife.  With Un-Cruise, you’re in good hands.

Un-Cruise is big on camaraderie.  Whether you’re flying solo or with a group, you can chat it up with the captain during free time or get to know your fellow passengers in the several lounges on board.  Experience the landscape together or just hang out over a few beers when in port.  You’ll come away with some great memories, that’s for sure.

When you’re done making memories for the day, you can relax in your classy accommodations onboard the adventure ships.  While the ships are built for expeditions and small enough to maneuver in secluded, pristine areas, they don’t skimp on comfort.  (That goes for the food, too!) You’ll feel right at home, particularly with the friendly, first-rate staff.

Whether it’s Hawaii, Alaska (my favorite trip, which you can read about on my blog), or any of the other great destinations Un-Cruise offers, you’re sure to release your inner adventurer with Un-Cruise.  Let us help you plan your Un-Cruise experience.