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Silversea Cruises

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Silversea Cruises is the go-to line when you want to be treated like royalty.  Everything from the intentional staff to the art deco feel and the silver and crystal place settings will have you relaxed and enjoying yourself.  It’s straight from Italy and sure to impress.

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What sets Silversea Cruises apart?

The passengers onboard Silversea ships are from a slightly older, more reserved crowd that isn’t afraid to dress up.  You won’t find any blaring dance parties or surfing on these cruises, but instead you’ll choose from options like wine-tasting seminars, computer classes, golf instructions, shopping at boutiques, or dozing at the spa.  Occasionally they have themed cruises, too. It’s mostly up to you to occupy yourself while onboard, but the plus side is that you get an experience that fits your mood perfectly and won’t leave you feeling like you need a vacation to recover from your vacation.

Though it’s not the most upbeat onboard atmosphere, they really know what they’re doing as far as comfort and attention to detail.  Unlimited wines and gratuities are included in the line’s fares, and you’ll be glad when you see the selection of wines! They have a pillow menu – yes, pillow menu – so you can choose the perfect one for you when you’re finally ready to hit the sack.  The personal butler assigned to you is a nice touch, too.

The exquisiteness of the food matches the ambiance and upscale mood, and in fact, the menu in and of itself is reason enough to try out Silversea Cruises.  It. Is. Spectacular.  Choose from traditional dining, order from the restaurant menu and have a meal in your room, or book a reservation at one of the fine restaurants onboard.  You won’t regret a single morsel!

But don’t forget about the beautiful scenery before you as you travel to distant lands.  Watch from either from the deck or your room’s balcony.  In port, you’ll see a variety of fascinating cities and attractions with the opportunity to explore new cultures with gorgeous sites.  The small ships and small crowds make it easy to go ashore, and you’ll get to see everything you hoped you would!

When it comes to Silversea Cruises, think leisure and luxury.  What more could you want? Book today!