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SeaDream Yacht Club

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"It’s yachting not cruising” Enjoy the difference. So, what is the difference? We believe the difference is yachting. With a maximum of only 112 guests and 95 award-winning crew dedicated to making sure every detail is addressed, yachting aboard either one of our luxury mega-yachts ensures the highest levels of luxury and pampering, a true boutique yachting experience.

What sets SeaDream Cruises apart? 

When we want high-end service and delicious dining without having a 24/7 itinerary or a suit-and-tie atmosphere, we turn to Sea Dream for its laidback atmosphere. Sea Dream is perfect for the adventurer in all of us. You’ll meet a lot of first-time cruisers in their 40s and up, though there are younger guests as well, and regardless of age, most Sea Dream guests want to let loose without the formalities of other cruise lines.

The focus of this line, in one word, is casual perfection. The main activity areas are all outdoors, from the dining al fresco to the rooftop yacht club to one of my favorites, the Balinese sun beds, which you can sleep on under the stars at night. You’ll love the retractable marina on board offering complimentary water sports including Wave Runners, water skiing, kayaking, snorkeling, paddle boarding and more. and when at port, the fun doesn’t stop. Mountain bike through your destination city and explore it on your own terms.

If you feel like relaxing, try a massage. Or chat with new friends in the hot tub with a plate of delectable appetizers brought to you by the friendly staff. Sometimes local bands will come onboard to play, appealing to the inner music nerd in all of us. In the intimate atmosphere, many people feel comfortable just, well, hanging out.

The dining experience, too, is a casual one, with great food and rotated menus. We’ve even requested unlisted dishes, and they’re happy to accommodate. In addition to great food, you’re given the option to dine with other guests. By the end of the trip, you’ll have undoubtedly formed a sense of camaraderie with the other passengers – even with the staff, who are so fun and friendly that we guarantee you’ll want to take them home.

In case all of this talk of outdoor fun and camaraderie hasn’t quite gotten the point across, Sea Dream is the cruise to book if you’re looking for a social, high-end atmosphere with a casual, adventurous feel.

Just writing this makes me want to book a Sea Dream cruise. Call us and we’ll help you get started.