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Sea Cloud Cruises

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Sea Cloud is made up of only three exquisite yachts and is unique in that you can book private sailings for up to 64 people for special occasions.  Wedding? Anniversary? Heck – birthday? Why not celebrate on one of Sea Cloud’s yachts?

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What sets Sea Cloud apart?

With this line, you have the option of taking to the open sea amidst the salty air or traveling gently down a beautiful river.  Regardless of what you choose, you'll get to relax onboard a refined, classic ship that hails the glamour of the past.  Warm wood and brass give the ship a sense of maritime tradition, while marble fireplaces and gorgeous cabin furnishings give a sense of refined tradition. 

You'll get right up in the action on the windjammers and sailors climb to the top of the masts to unfurl the sails.  It's really an experience to watch - almost like an art, but you know it's taking you further into an unforgettable journey.  A journey into small, intimate ports that large lines have absolutely no way of getting to, secret coves, quaint historic points.  The river cruising is also intimate, and it takes you into only the finest and culturally rich ports available.  You'll love every second of it.

The atmosphere is made even better by the four or five course fine dining, the immense array of wines available, and cozy, elegant cabins.  The service is second to none, and the English and German-speaking staff have an uncanny ability to anticipate your needs even before you do! You'll always feel welcome onboard.  These are only some of the factors that make this a five star experience.

So sign up for relaxing getaway on this one-of-a-kind line.  You'll talk about it for years to come!