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Princess Cruises

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Princess Cruises is a mainstream line that caters to a wide variety of passengers and travelers, offering great service and exciting entertainment and itineraries.  Though they have a wide variety of destinations, their Alaskan itineraries are noteworthy.

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What sets Princess Cruises apart?

Like other large lines, there’s no shortage of activities and entertainment onboard.  You have ping-pong tournaments, classes ranging from finance to cooking, trivia contests and ceramics workshops.  Some of our favorites are the Princess Pop Star competition (though you don’t want to hear us sing) and Movie Under the Stars, which shows great blockbusters outside on the big screens – because who doesn’t love cuddling under a complimentary blanket in the evening air while being entertained?

For families with kids, the children’s programs are just the ticket. Princess caters very well to families, though it has slightly fewer kids than other huge cruise lines like carnival (good news for couples or groups with no children.) Pizza parties, arts and crafts, and multi-level playrooms keep children entertained, and teens have their own area to hang out.  And parents who are looking for a little romance have two “date nights” during which the counselors will watch the kiddos as you gaze longingly into each other’s eyes in the next restaurant.

Speaking of romance – remember The Love Boat? The original Princess ship was featured on the show some forty odd years ago, and the line has hung on to the romance ever since.  There are engagement packages for those who want to put a ring on it, and it includes a video proposal, breakfast in bed, lots of extra champagne, a photo shoot – the works.  Since we’re suckers for a good love story, this just adds to the charm.  Let’s just say there are lots of intimate settings throughout the ship, even in the midst of family fun and adventurous excitement.

The service is certainly on par with other lines, and the food has been improving consistently over the past few years.  You even have the option of arriving at dinner whenever you want and getting seated by the maître ‘d if traditional dining isn’t your thing.  Of course, there’s also casual dining available at all three meal times if you’d rather not dress up for the other dining options – and believe us, they will dress up!

The night before the end of your cruise, you’ll get a note telling you where and when to meet for disembarkation the next day.  Hallelujah!  It’s so smooth and efficient, and there are no color codes to listen for. 

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