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Premium Cruises

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A few notable differences exist between luxury and premium cruise lines. While both offer popular itineraries around the world, premium cruise lines tend to cater to an older, more discerning passenger seeking a higher level of service. We define premium with the following characteristics:

- Newer ships with fewer passengers, making for a more spacious ambiance
- Glamorous décor with subdued color palettes and extensive art collections

- Sophisticated entertainment, with gentleman hosts on some sailings who keep the single women dancing the night away

- Top-notch spa and fitness facilities

- Fewer children and families onboard than the luxury liners, but with wonderful children’s programs, making it a great choice for multi-generational family groups on vacation together

- Main restaurants with early and late seatings, as well as flexible dining options

- Higher staff-to-guest ratio than mainstream cruise lines, so you’ll always feel pampered and well-attended


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