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Have you ever opened a yellow National Geographic magazine and wish you could experience all of the wonder captured in their photographs of the world?  Well now you can!

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What sets Lindblad apart?

Formerly Orion Expeditions, National Geographic and Lindblad have partnered up to provide an exciting method of exploration that you don't want to miss.  Regardless of your destination, you're sure to find an itinerary that fits your wishes - Lindblad goes to every continent, which is unheard of in the cruise world. 

Travel to your dream exploration destination onboard one of the ten spacious and modern ships in the fleet, all designed for maximum safety and easy maneuverability close to shore.  Cabins and staterooms are modern, and large public areas encourage sociability among the 100 or so passengers you'll find onboard a given ship.  There's also, of course, a lot of windows and plenty of room to enjoy the outdoors from the deck, perfect for spotting a polar bear on the next glacier or watching a whale surface!

Once there, you'll have a ton of cool "tools for exploration" at your fingertips that you won't find on other lines.  Personalize your off board experiences depending on your interests - even choose which staff member you'd like to accompany you!  Scuba among World War II remnants or vibrant coral reefs, ride on zodiacs alongside pods of whales, or kayak before a breathless backdrop of scenery. 

Tools like underwater cameras, hydrophones, video microscopes, electronic charts, glass-bottomed boats, and snorkel gear make this line so unique that you'll be talking about it for years to come.  Honestly, the intellectual in you will be dancing for joy.  If you haven't noticed, knowledge and discovery are huge aspects of Lindblad excursions, so you'll also have access to experts in the fields, famous nature photographers, guest speakers and more.

With smaller passenger limits and a great staff to passenger ratio, you'll form friendships, meet people with all sorts of backgrounds, and expand your knowledge of the world through hands-on exploration.  So call on your inner adventurer and plan your next solo, family, or multi-generational trip with Lindblad today!