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Holland America Line

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With over 100 years of experience under its belt, Holland America knows how to provide an incredible premium cruise line experience – and it certainly delivers.

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What sets Holland America apart?

One of the best premium lines for food and service, Holland America is a moderately priced cruise line that is both casual and refined, and it is dedicated to maintaining its rich seafaring tradition and history.  It is especially known for its incredible Alaskan cruises and operates extensive land tours so you can experience Alaska up close and personally.

These ships attract a more conservative and sedate crowd. Though there are some fitness and excursion options, these cruises are not nearly as active as others.  You won’t find onboard surfing, for example, and if you’re into cliff-diving or wrestling polar bears then this probably isn’t the place for you.  But for those of us who’d like a low-key experience, you’ll still find classy, refined entertainment options, however subdued they may be.  Admire gorgeous pieces of artwork in the gallery on a self-guided iPod tour, or play bingo and bridge, or participate in a model ship-building contest.  They also bring out the child in you with fun poolside games and activities that will leave you roaring with laughter!

If you want to bring your kids along (and we hear some people like to do that), there are play areas for the younger children and lounges and hangouts for teens.  You’ll see more kids during summer break, and activities are only planned if there are more than 30 kids onboard.  However, while they aren’t Disney, they still cater to children and family needs, even offering group babysitting!

The cruise line is also beginning to base their meals on the region in which you’re sailing to offer you an authentic experience onboard and off.  Room service is also available 24/7, and the breakfasts actually include – gasp! – meat and eggs rather than just pastries and cereal.  They also provide cute events such as Royal Dutch High Tea.  “One lump or two?”

With friendly, well-trained staff, comfortable and well-equipped rooms, and ample opportunity for relaxation, Holland America is a great value for the money spent. 

As a top producer for Holland America Line and luxury travel agent cruise specialist, we at Custom Travel Advisors will offer you exceptional value-added amenity packages, ship-board credits, and expert destination advice when you book your Holland America cruise with us. Call now at 770-650-4448  or email for more information!