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Compagnie du Ponant

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Ponant“Bigger isn’t always better.” Compagnie du Ponant takes this old adage to heart with its intimate settings and secret, lesser known destinations, and we’re all about unique experiences.

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What sets Compagnie du Ponant apart?

Taking advantage of small ship sizes and elegant yachts, Compagnie du Ponant gives you access to places that many people could never dream of – from secret Mediterranean coves to adventuring among glaciers in Antarctica. And that’s something to get excited about. Not to mention with Compagnie du Ponant, you get to personalize your experience with any number of themes. Golf, jazz, bridge, classical music…Choose from a variety of passions and activities, and they’ll ensure that world renowned speakers, musicians, sports managers, chefs, and entertainment are at your fingertips. Let them take care of the details. You just get to enjoy them.

Regardless of theme, we’re also sure that the dining experience provided by the skilled, personable staff will leave you wanting more. With an extensive wine list and delectable French-inspired cuisine, you’ll dine in luxury.

Hospitality and sophistication are what Compagnie du Ponant does best. Whether this is your first travel experience or your hundredth, believe us when we say you’re sure to be pleased.