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Aqua Expeditions

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Machu Picchu PeruAqua Expeditions is a luxury river cruise that has two main travel destinations: Peru and the Amazon, and Vietnam and Cambodia via the Mekong. 

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What sets Aqua Expeditions apart?

Aqua Expeditions prides itself on its pairing of local knowledge of the landscape and wildlife with a high-end feel that’s normally nowhere to be found in the middle of the wilderness.  The staff is incredible.  You’ll float down gorgeous rivers in skiffs and, if you’re like us, freak out in excitement while guides and the crew point out animals that are hiding in plain sight: anacondas, birds, sloths, and the like.  You can go plowing into the jungle as well, and it’s especially fun once the waterline has receded a bit. At night, you can relax in bed and view the passing landscape through the large windows in each cabin.  It’s a unique experience that just can’t be replicated.

You’ll get the chance to see other sites besides these two gorgeous rivers, though.  For example, you can climb Machu Picchu, the famous lost city in Peru, or visit countless temples and shrines in Cambodia or Vietnam.  You’ll also get a taste of the local food – whether you’re in Peru or on the Mekong – and it’s always fresh, delicious, and will leave you full and satisfied.  Not only does the food rival that of a five star restaurant, but the room service and the environment on board rivals that of a five star hotel. 

It’s a perfect combination of luxury and intense adventure.  For a more in-depth look, check out my blog post about my Aqua Expedition trip to Peru!  Once you’re hooked, call me to book!